Know more about Swim Book

A swim log is a book to record our swimming practices. We can also record our personal information like height and weight.

Tracking the workouts has many benefits. It will definitely keep us motivated. We can set training as well as competition goals, and plan to achieve them. Setting the goals helps us to remain focused.

The training log can be filled in after each training session. The distance swam, the hours spent swimming and the effort levels can be tracked. That will push us to put in maximum efforts. As we progress new goals can be set and effort levels to achieve them can be increased. The sleeping, eating pattern and stress levels can also be tracked. Muscle soreness and fatigue can also be recorded. Sometimes when we can’t meet our training or competition goals, it might have to do with improper sleep or poor eating habits. Too much stress also affects the swimming performance. Tracking inspires us to correct ourselves; to sleep and eat better.

After a competition, post-competition analysis can be done. We can analyze if the goals were realistic, if genuine efforts were put to achieve them and if changes in sleeping and eating habits are required. Regular evaluation and analysis will help us realize our true potential and achieve our best.

If we underperform in any competition, it is always good to have a look at the history of our past performances. This will be helpful to analyze where we went wrong. Going through our better performance records in the past increases the confidence level and motivates us to try even harder.

So if you are serious about swimming, get one SwimBook today.

You can order portable log books from sites like ‘’ . and take the book to the pool every day.